Superfast Broadband

Open Meeting Held 14th July 2016...



14th OF JULY 2016

Councillor T D Jones welcomed Mr Martin Jones BT Superfast Cymru Programme Manager, Councillor R Benyon of Manafon Community Council and three members of the public to the meeting, and informed those present that the meeting would be informal.

Martin Jones stated that BT had won the contract to deploy superfast fibre Broadband to communities within Wales and they are aiming for 80% coverage across Wales.

A total of 571 premises have been identified in the intervention area fed from Berriew exchange, of which:

  • 448 properties are connected to Broadband via one of the three cabinets using FTTC - Fibre to-the-Cabinet which uses existing broadband infrastructure i.e. exchanges, street cabinets and copper wire, to deliver broadband to homes and properties. 


  • 83 properties in the Postcode areas SY21 8Q; 8E; 8J; 8N; 8P and 8Q plus SY15 6R and 6S have subscribed to Superfast Broadband and will be connected from September 2016 by FTTP – Fibre-to-the-Premises, where the entire network is made up of fibre optic lines which run to your home or business. 

Berriew is quite well connected, however it should be noted that in order to get Superfast Fibre Broadband, you have to place an order. 

If you are not able to be fed from the FTTC cabinet, you would have to consider FTTP Superfast Fibre Broadband.

Concern was expressed by residents of Pantyffridd who currently are unable to get broadband, and Martin Jones was asked which homes in the area will not be connected?  Mr Jones stated that they don’t know where those places are going to be, but are revisiting areas to try to take both FTTC and FTTP further.  Those places that are not in the scope would have to be looked at on an individual premise level.

The following options were discussed for those properties in outlying areas that are outside the intervention area and are currently unable to get broadband:

  • FTTN – Fibre-to-the-Node

Fibre to the node helps to provide broadband connection through a common network box (node), and can deliver broadband to multiple properties.  Connection can be made from a node to an individual destination - the “last mile”.


  • FTTP – Fibre-to-the-Pole

A similar system which allow the line to run further towards the end destination than FTTN.


  • Community Fibre Partnerships

BT Community fibre network partnership scheme is designed to work with communities to find a solution to deliver fibre to the hardest to reach communities by agreeing a suitable and affordable option to bring fibre to an area, as well as bringing faster broadband to areas not covered by the existing rollout plans.

For new residential areas, it will be necessary for the developer to work with BT in plenty of time.

It was agreed that the Clerk forwards the email addresses of the members of the public present, to Martin Jones who can then respond to individual issues. 

Members of the public can contact Berriew Community Council with details of their phone number and current broadband speed, which can then be collated by the Clerk and forwarded to Mr Jones.


The following sites can be used to check your ability to receive a reliable broadband service, and the speeds you can expect:

BT Broadband availability checker -



For those not covered by Superfast Cymru:

  • Welsh Government’s Access Broadband Cymru

–      Grants of £400 and £800 available to individuals and businesses to obtain 10mb and 30mb broadband through satellite for example


  • Welsh Government’s Ultrafast Scheme

–      Grants of up to £10,000 available for businesses to obtain 100mb connections through leased lines for example


  • BT Community Fibre

–      BT will work with communities and co-invest in order to bring fibre broadband to those missed out by Superfast Cymru